AIMO official LINE opened!

We are pleased to announce the official AIMO Line for people in the English speaking LGBTQ+ and Allies community.

In addition to information about events organized by AIMO, through Line we will share useful information for LGBTQ+ and people who may be LGBTQ+. We are also happy to answer questions about AIMO.

◆What is AIMO?

AIMO is a space for the culturally diverse LGBTQ+ and Allies community in Japan.

We host monthly events and advocate for an inclusive and diversity-affirming society.

Not only people who are or who may be LGBTQ+, but also people who have LGBTQ+ family members or friends and people who want to be allies are welcome to participate in AIMO events and activities.

◆Through the official AIMO LINE we will share

・Details about upcoming events

・Useful information for people who are or may be LGBTQ+

◆About the talk function

Just message us when you want to ask about AIMO.

AIMO staff will reply.

※Messages are visible only to AIMO staff.

※Only AIMO staff are able to know who is registered in the official AIMO LINE.

◆How to register

Register using one of the following methods.

・Enter [@550btvms] in the ID search on the Add Friend page.

・Click here to add a LINE friend.

・Read the QR code (Home → Add Friends → QR code)


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性的少数者(LGBTQ+)についての知識不足が招く、いじめや当事者自身の自己否定などの多くの問題。 それらを改善するための、幼少期・青年期における正しい知識の浸透を目指し、 また同時に教職員や保護者など学校全体、会社組織など社会全体への啓発を行う。 主に愛知県内にて活動中。